Twitter Ceases To Be An Independent Company As Elon Musk Merges The Firm With X Corp

Twitter is no longer an independent legal firm as Elon Musk opts to merge the enterprise with X Corp.

The news comes after we saw the tech billionaire inform his workforce in the past month how they would be eligible to get shares in a new holding company called X Corporation. Musk is the brainchild behind this organization which he reportedly began to help him buy Twitter.

They were further told that Twitter would be worth a staggering $250 billion. But now, after a recent court filing was made public, we’ve got the latest on this front. The company has merged with this new organization and successfully managed to attain the goal of Musk. This had to do with taking Twitter Inc. out as a firm.

So now, there is no more Twitter and only X Corp. Musk opted to announce the breaking news with the release of a post that stated, ‘X’ and it’s as cryptic as it sounds, minutes after the merger broke.

For now, Elon Musk’s lawyer is yet to comment on the matter as Musk is keeping his lips sealed too. So we are not too sure what this means as some people are speculating that this is Musk’s next step to launching his much hyped-up ‘everything app’- which is a concept inspired by the famous WeChat application.

This app allows users to send out payments, text, shop, and more through a single platform. And if that is indeed the case, the maneuver is definitely going to give Musk his target of attaining $250 billion. But wait, it’s not that simple.

Experts feel that this new merger deal is a clear understanding of how serious the billionaire was in terms of folding all of his leading firms into a single entity called X. So under one roof, you’d have Twitter, SpaceX, Tesla, NeuraLink, and The Boring Company together.

For now, it’s just too tricky to predict what Elon Musk wishes to do next with the app. The news is something that follows one of the company’s most unserious months with Musk in charge of the popular microblogging site.

From replacing the app’s logo with a dog to getting into trouble for eliminating the w from the Twitter Headquarters signage, the list of bizarre and erratic behavior is plenty. Did we mention the sudden emergence of a poop emoji where Musk was trying to play with people’s emotions while getting rid of a beloved brand?

In the recent past, we’ve seen Musk talk about Twitter’s transformation and how he could allow it to become an app where everything was possible. The timeframe estimated was five years but as experts predict, regulators would certainly be stepping in and intervening before it got too late.

If Elon Musk does manage to stay at the top of his game and prevent regulators from coming in between, something might be possible and we could see an app worth a staggering $250 billion soon.

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