Elon Musk Reverses Twitter Ban On Russian Government Accounts While Calling It A Weak Censorship Move

Twitter has opted to reverse its ban on Russian Government accounts that were put into place at the start of the country’s invasion of Ukraine.

In February 2022, the app made the decision to put a ban on all Kremlin accounts which meant users of the app couldn’t reach out to them. Similarly, it also meant such accounts wouldn’t be allowed to put up posts and engage with users’ feeds.

But now, Elon Musk has made the bold decision to reverse that move, calling it a weak censorship decision.

Since day one, the tech billionaire has been very clear about his choice to turn Twitter into an app that celebrates freedom of speech. The old administration felt the decision of banning such accounts would be in users’ best interest as it would clear the app from the propaganda that was spreading like wildfire from Putin’s regime.

But the sudden decision to reverse the ban means saying hello to dissolving limitations related to censorship and allowing the press to be free again.

The ban was restricted only to media outlets that were controlled by the Russian government alongside any respective accounts on Twitter that were linked to them and politicians. Similarly, the firm mentioned during that time how it wouldn’t be recommending such accounts to anyone on the app through their Home Timeline feature, Search, or Explore tabs.

Now, the Telegraph proved how the app has given such accounts the green signal to operate as usual again. This has to do with tweets being resurfaced through such accounts through its Search feature, recommendations, and even the actual Twitter feed.

The matter was seen being discussed by Twitter’s famous hacktivist group called Anonymous which delineated that Twitter allowed a Russian politician’s tweet on its app, which included how Ukraine would soon disappear as no one needed it.

But Musk opted to engage in that chat and reply how Putin referred to Musk as a war criminal for assisting Ukraine during these dire times. Hence, the tech billionaire added how he is not his friend. He also admitted that a lot of news getting generated is propaganda to a certain extent but the rest can be left up to users to decide how they feel about the matter.

Furthermore, Musk was seen adding in another post on the app about how Twitter won’t be promoting or limiting accounts on the app. But with time, it does hope to address any changes made to game the system.

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