YouTube Premium Gives Users A Treat With The Launch Of Several New And Exciting Features

Whether you happen to be a new YouTube Premium user or an old one, you’re in for some good news.

The platform is giving all of its loyal fans a treat after years of providing the same old classic features and benefits. The app is getting a boost, in the form of even more endeavors for the same fee allocated to them today.

We agree that not everything would be appealing to everyone, but there would be some great options for everyone out there. Hence, we’re sure you’re going to love something from the lot that’s designed to cater to all.

Whenever YouTube is used through a browser, you get the chance to queue up content. But now, users can make use of the feature on their mobile phones too.

Those still not sure about how that works need to remember that any video that’s seen on screens that appeal to them can be put in a queue so users could watch it later.

You can avail of this while watching content or simply browsing through lists of your favorite videos. And at times, users feel it’s very helpful when there’s limited time at hand and a lot of content to benefit from.

Be it live streams or simply some toned-down ASMR content, the platform will enable users to gain more on the experience. You can enjoy anything and everything on the app altogether.

This feature will soon be up for grabs for users of Android and will rely upon the Google Meet Live sharing endeavor. Meanwhile, those with iOS devices would have the feature coming soon via the SharePlay endeavor.

The entire experience of group watching has been out there for quite some time but this time around, it’s coming to YouTube and there could be nothing better. It’s a great endeavor for people attending streamed work or glancing through conferences.

And just in case that was not enough, users are going to be given the luxury to pick up from content that they left off, thanks to the option of synced playback coming to YouTube on devices and on the browser. So no matter what method of viewing the app you require, the entire watching experience is going to be fantastic.

Brace yourselves, another feature coming forward is YouTube giving others the chance to watch content without any internet connection. And yes, it’s not something really new but it’s getting highlighted in the recent press release as the offering downloads recommendations for content while using Wi-Fi.

This way, users always have the best content lined up to watch and you can change settings to download various content along the way, ensuring the library is bombarded with fresh channels for subscriptions.

In addition to that, YouTube has plans to launch another enhanced bitrate for its iOS users comprising 1080p. It would allocate Premium subscribers the best viewing experience while watching a YouTube video. In the same way, the new feature would be more crisp and even clearer than before. This is true for content having plenty of motion and details included.

Videos involving sports that entail a lot of motion could be more pleasurable to see but there is no news on when Android users could benefit from it.

YouTube Premium has been up for grabs for quite some time now so it’s great to see it finally giving users something new and exciting to rave about. As it is, it was offering content that was ad-free and another huge bonus was downloading content that could be seen offline. Now, we’re seeing some more exciting features that are sure to have people smiling.

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