Twitter Witnesses The Most Growth In Mobile Revenue Since The Launch Of Its Blue Subscription

March may be gone and a new month means it’s time to look at the latest stats for mobile revenue for Twitter.

The leading microblogging website experienced its biggest growth in mobile revenue, since last November. This also happens to be when the app launched its Twitter Blue subscription.

Certainly, the stats are fabulous and if you happen to be either an entrepreneur or a developer, you’re bound to be interested in these details that come to us thanks to App Intelligence.

Last month has to be the most interesting of them all as Twitter had a growth that ended the month with $3.3 million as a part of the net revenue, thanks to the App Store. Seeing this much growth take place on the platform globally is definitely huge.

Thanks to estimates, these are the figures that go directly into Twitter’s pocket as its net so it is what’s left after the company has paid Apple its due share. There is a greater focus on the App Store as Google Play is known for contributing the most irrelevant figures for such shares on this level.

When compared to the previous month, we saw a rise of nearly 61%. This is the biggest increase recorded since the end of December 2021. And it does not entail any shift of users to its Blue Subscription that came about in 2022.

So as you can see, you can say whatever you want and complain however much you want about tech billionaire Elon Musk but one thing is for sure. The man knows what he’s doing and it appears he just might be able to steer the firm in the right direction. After all, these figures are clear proof of what you’d see from a firm of this magnitude.

Before we forget, another figure that seems to be interesting is the net revenue attained this month. This similarly grew by 540% when compared to the time period before the $8 Twitter Blue subscription was introduced.

This is definitely a lesson to many people about Twitter. And it’s the right one. Not all decisions are going to be positive but the general direction just might.

The insights come to us through App Intelligence curated platform that has been giving access to the latest stats and revenue estimates for a while now.

H/T: App Figures
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