Secret Tweets Could Be Visible To Strangers As Users Discover New Twitter Bug On The App

Twitter users have raised the alarm against a new bug that was recently exposed on the popular microblogging platform.

This means all tweets limited to your Twitter Circle could be extended beyond the usual close group of friends and loved ones, maybe not forever but at least temporarily.

The bug is known to make private tweets public to externals. And it is believed to pop up a list of For You recommendations. But there are some people who feel that the posts are actually going out to outsiders.

They end up being shown across a followers’ list of For You recommendations. But some individuals are highlighting how this can turn out to be a huge problem when discussing matters that are sensitive or when you’d wish to make potential harassment a minimal problem.

For now, the app is yet to comment on the matter and we’re not too surprised about the late response. Remember, the company opted to disband its entire public relations team.

As explained by Theo Brown, the app is doing a horrible job at filtering tweets in users’ Inner Circle. And that means throwing them out from the platform’s recommendations before they’re actually shared with others.

For a while now, the Circles have been awfully glitchy. But such flaws weren’t known to be sharing private tweets publicly. Hence, you’d find that there were occasions where labels proved the Circle-only status, despite it being clear that it couldn’t get shared anyplace else. So as you can tell, this is much worse. Now, you won’t be able to trust when private posts stay in that manner.

For a while now, Twitter was seen dealing with so many technical matters, ever since tech billionaire Elon Musk took over the firm. He came and fired thousands. But that has not gone down too well in his favor as there have been some leading outages and huge problems related to API changes. And then there is always this major confusion linked to feature rollouts and their respective removals.

We agree that such hiccups aren’t exactly promoting users' exodus, and they aren’t exactly helping either during a time when social media struggles to keep advertisers away and turn this into a profitable endeavor.

Whatever the case may be, users hope the matter is solved soon.

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