Microsoft Tests New Ads In Its Windows Start Menu As A Part Of Its Badging Expansion

Microsoft is experimenting with new ads across its Start menu for Windows as the firm carries on with its badging expansion.

The move is being called a part of new treatments for those users making use of local accounts, the company confirmed today.

Furthermore, the computational giant says that such ads were actually undergoing trials since late last year and some of the alerts it generated for accounts on the platform were being displayed as early as last month. This happened to be a part of the preview for Windows 11 and is a part of this week’s security updates for Patch Tuesday.

Moreover, we’re seeing this exploration as one that is adding new variations to the Start menu where users log in through local accounts so they can highlight the advantages of signing into such accounts.

Once you see these treatments coming into effect, the effect wants to hear users’ feedback. And they did reveal how normal it was to ask for feedback after trying different concepts such as these.

This new launch is getting rolled out with the Insider Preview Build in Windows 11 so users at the Dev Channel can try out different concepts and then these insiders could provide the best expert feedback on the matter.

Remember, it’s just so important to mention how such features are tested across Dev Channels that could never be released or won’t be edited heavily after getting available to general clients.

Such systems where these types of treatments end up badging the Start menu will roll out advertisements that pop up across sign-out flyouts through the Start menu for Windows 11.

This new list of interesting treatments is getting tested across the new Windows Insider build so it entails a few interesting prompts along the way. These include the ability to sign into accounts on Microsoft and backup devices to ensure greater security.

Secondly, it means making use of Microsoft 365 which is free of cost while signing in to the account so it's more productive in terms of apps and enhances cloud storage too. Similarly, it will keep users’ accounts safer and enables sign-ins that assist with the personalization of both security and profile settings set up in a single place.

And lastly, it provides access to files from everywhere. You can make use of 5GB for cloud storage purposes that are for free after signing into the account.

The company is also working on additions for options that disable ads for the Start Menu on Windows 11 settings platform. As explained by one expert in Windows, you can soon see alerts in the Start option that would be available under the personalization tab in Start.

And remember, this is not the first time that we’ve seen the computational giant promote products within user interfaces for Windows apps.

In August of last year, we saw a campaign get launched that featured ads through the Microsoft 365 Family subscriptions for ads related to various products of the company pop up in File Explorer.

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