AI Chatbot ChatGPT Will Soon Be Banned By Top Italian Privacy Regulator For Illegal Data Collection

More trouble and controversies are brewing for the top AI chatbot ChatGPT.

The famous tool is getting called out by a leading privacy regulator in Italy for an effective ban to arise soon after they found it to involved in the unlawful practice of collecting users’ personal data without any consent.

Therefore, the makers of the famous tool, OpenAI are being told to put an end to the collection of Italian users' private details with immediate effect until it opts to alter its means of collecting data for the masses.

The GPDP recently published a new press release that mentioned how OpenAI lacks the right form of justification when collecting users’ data and private details. It similarly went on to reveal how there is yet to be any form of the protocol in place that prevents users that are underage from gaining access to the web as it exposes minors to some very unsuitable replies in comparison to the degree of development as well as self-awareness.

This is not the first time Italy’s data watchdog has opted to take such actions against one of the world’s biggest AI chatbots. In the past, we have seen what it is capable of. And that includes banning apps like last month.

This particular app was infamous for its PRs that some users end up creating with the chatbot while so many expressed a lot of distress after the firm got rid of the option of enabling erotic roleplay behavior.

When this report was published, media outlet The Verge still got access to the tool through VPN and it redirected traffic via Milan in Italy. But for now, it’s definitely going to take quite some time for the makers of ChatGPT to abide by orders to put an end to processing when using data belonging to users.

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