Microsoft’s Bing Search Gets More Exciting Updates And Here’s What You Can Expect

The past week has been awfully busy for Microsoft’s team at Bing Chat.

Last weekend, we saw the computational giant experiment with new and improved limits for its daily chat turns which were raised to 200. At the same time, the sessions were raised to 20. And during the start of this week, we saw the team mention how this trial was going to be permanent so the number of chat turns and session increases were going to stay.

Now, we’re hearing more about how the firm plans to include some more exciting features.

The news was confirmed through a recently published post on the Bing blog. This is where Microsoft mentioned that it was adding a means by which users can search for pictures and different videos on the chat dialog. Moreover, users would now see better results under such chats as the answer card and they’ll end up tapping on the tab that says ‘See More’ which would enter the regular image search for Bing so more content can be added.

This blog mentioned how the team included some more improvements on the Bing Chat that would give rise to some local grounding effects. So in reality, if you’re on the hunt to search for some sort of local eatery at a nearby location, you’ll see better results when using this AI chatbot.

Other than that, there’s an entire list of what users can expect coming soon to the ever-so-popular tool by Microsoft.

For instance, you’ll see it bringing a lot of context enhancements that were unveiled in the middle of last month to the Edge sidebar. This would further help summarize so many larger pages as well as documents.

Next, you’d get support for the Image Creator of Bing seen in the sidebar for Edge when the creative mode gets selected. Moreover, this makes sidebar loading so much faster and stops it from showcasing a blank screen during the start of the launch.

Last but not least, you’ll see the chatbot no longer allow for a reset of chats that were seen whenever the Edge search was kept on for long periods of time.

The plans were set out by the computational giant at the start of this week and that’s also when they announced the arrival of ads across Bing Chat’s replies. There will similarly be links to firms and content creators. It also hopes to enable enhanced formatting so the replies linked to math sums are displayed better.

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