Twitter Makes A Portion Of Its Source Code And Algorithm Available For Public Inspection

In a bid to enhance the transparency of the app, tech billionaire and Twitter CEO is opening up a chunk of the company’s source code and algorithm for public inspection.

This is part of the task to fulfill the promise made by Elon Musk who says he always wished to show the app’s users how it recommends tweets to people’s timelines.

It was only recently that we saw it come about on the GitHub platform where Twitter set out a series of two repositories entailing the code for several parts that allow the social network to tick.

This includes the mechanism by which the app regulates tweets that users see on its For You feature for timelines. The news was mentioned through a recently published blog post where Twitter says the move is being looked at as the first step to transparency and also is used to prevent risks to the app and those on the platform.

On that note, we saw the company’s chief explain through a post how the initial release is quite embarrassing and he knows how people are waiting in line to find a series of mistakes. But he hopes to find the right solution very soon, even if users have trouble agreeing with something mentioned.

But it was soon revealed how the open source fails to enlist the code through which the app powers its recommendations for ads. However, you will find several instructions regarding inspection usage of the code which really makes sense and backs up the idea that it’s all developer focused.

Twitter explained that it has made it a point to keep user safety as its top priority and for that reason, it chose to exclude all codes that compromise safety and privacy or put younger audience members at risk of being affected by bad actors. This truly does undermine the efforts linked to fighting off child exploitation and manipulation.

This might be a sort of a mixed message because it arises at a time when the company chose to fire plenty of members belonging to its ethical AI team and those in charge of the trust and safety teams. They were the ones behind all the content moderation for the app.

Now, the app is busy focusing on tools that manage code suggestions arising in the community while syncing changes to the internal system. But we don’t know much about the release but it’s going to be lined up for the future and not right now.

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