Google Unveils Upgrade To Its Bard Chatbot With Enhanced Math And Logic Capabilities

Search engine giant is upgrading its AI-powered Bard chatbot named Bard with the addition of new enhancements and capabilities.

The tech giant announced today how the goal is to include better features taken from the firm’s PaLM which is the Pathways Language Model. This new addition would enhance both math and logic capabilities that were already present in the software but needed some tweaking and finetuning.

The news was published today by the company’s AI team member on Twitter who began by hoping users were testing the feature out well as they make room for more innovative adjustments.

Today, they’re very keen on producing some more new features and sharing them with others as it's time the chatbot was taken to a new level of greatness with this incorporation. He also hoped this launch would make Bard even more useful for others. But how exactly can Gogole’s language model better Bard’s performance is a commonly asked query by so many people?

For starters, Bard combined with PaLM is a powerful combo. While the former is produced to give rise to human chats, the use of LaMDA in its programming enables the chatbot to generate replies that are very lifelike and similar to text responses.

On the other hand, PaLM is a decoder transformer design that is designed to multitask and that’s one of its greatest benefits. Similarly, one of the biggest advantages is related to solving math sums and arithmetic questions.
And by combining PaLM’s capability, Bard carries the potential to better handle math-related problems. So at the end of it all, what you benefit from is a more versatile end product and a tool that’s practical for solving both word and math problems.

The unique collab was one that many people feel should have come to a while back but now that it has, we can see the chatbot benefiting in a long list of areas including better comprehension of math sums with more accuracy in replies. This is very true when the sums are embedded into natural language.

At the same time, we are seeing enhanced logical inference which can better the chatbot’s ability to conduct reasoning via math sums that require logical explanation and deductive steps.

So as you can tell, the combination of PaLM’s new math and reasoning additions into Google’s Bard would add power and make the software more capable of dealing with all types of math tasks, no matter how comprehensive they might be.

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