8 in 10 Americans believe small, meaningful changes can have a positive global impact

A recent survey shows that 70 percent Americans care more about their homes than the earth. Fortunately, hope is still alive, as people are willing to cut down on carbon consumption by using eco-friendly devices. Similarly, they are also willing to reduce plastic use and start using more organic items. The report was based on data collected from two thousand U.S. citizens.

Out of all the participants, Generation Z was the most concerned about climate change. Almost seventy-eight percent of them were worried, followed by sixty-seven percent of millennials. The survey was done by Beko Home Appliances. Results showed that 8 in 10 had a firm belief that little efforts can have a great influence on the Earth, and it all begins at home.

Almost fifty percent said that the kitchen produces the most discarded items, the bathroom is second, and the living room is third as the most waste-producing area at home.

When asked about how they felt after discarding eatables, 32 percent felt wasteful, while 12 percent were not happy about it. Meanwhile, 88 percent wished to keep fruits and other such items fresh for prolonged periods of time, and at the same time, 81 percent wanted to have a healthy diet.

Survey participants also showed interest in taking solid waste measures in order to have a balanced way of life by shifting to appliances that do not produce much waste, as sixty-nine percent agreed to it. When asked about the appliances they would prefer shifting to, 7 in 10 wanted to get a smart fridge with the capability to preserve micronutrients, while 54 percent wanted to get a deep freezer. On the other hand, half of them would prefer getting a vacuum device for food to preserve it.

When participants were asked if they knew what net zero is, 87 percent of them were familiar with the term, while 7 in 10 wanted to apply it in their daily lives in order to save the earth.

Other meaningful steps that people are willing to take in order to contribute to helping save the environment are: sixty-six percent want to save water, and fifty-eight percent would compost food waste.

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