Which US States Are Leading In Terms of AI Adoption and Innovation?

A new study has revealed the states most likely to use artificial intelligence (AI), and the results are surprising.

According to a recent survey from YACSS, a website builder powered by AI, Utah is the most AI-friendly state in the US. The study examined which conditions were most interested in employing AI for various reasons using data on Google terms.

Surprisingly, California and New York did not top the list. Instead, Utah became the most popular state for using AI. According to the study, art, voice generators (which produce human voices for video games and movies), music, animation, and resume writing were the uses of AI most likely to be used in Utah. With comparable outcomes, Oregon placed second on the list. Their most popular AI-related search keyword was art, followed by voice generator, music, animation, and resume writing.

The study also discovered that states like Texas, Washington, and Florida were interested in adopting AI for a range of applications. Demand for this technology is rising outside Silicon Valley and other American tech hubs.

YACSS' research shows that interest in artificial intelligence is multiplying across America - particularly in states like Utah and Oregon, where it is already being used extensively. With its ability to automate processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs, it's no wonder why people are looking into how they can use AI within their organizations.

Given the potential benefits of artificial intelligence, it's no surprise that more and more companies are investing in this technology. From healthcare to finance, AI has already transformed many industries for the better. However, experts agree there is still a long way to go before AI reaches its full potential.

AI is a rapidly evolving field, and companies must stay up-to-date on the latest developments to get the most out of their investment. Companies must also be aware of potential risks associated with AI technology, such as data privacy issues and ethical considerations.

The Mountain West area of the United States has the highest search engine activity, with Utah leading the pack with over 200 searches per 100,000 people. Oregon and Washington come in second and third, with monthly query counts that are just around 190. As we move farther east, Vermont comes in third, but with only 173 queries, it still trails behind its western counterparts—Colorado even has a slight advantage! Alaska retains a commanding position regarding raw volume, and New Hampshire completes the top 5. The final three states in our analysis are Idaho, Wyoming, and Maine, all of which claim over 150 searches each month for their residents.

Study by YACSS based on Google Keywords data of search terms frequently used by people interested in AI over the past 12 months

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