New Plague Of Search Ads On The Google Play Store Is Popping Up For Users

In November of 2022, we saw a leading number of Google users speak about the surge in targeted promotions for different apps across the Play Store’s Android search menu.

When queries were directed toward Google’s way, it assured the masses during that period that it was not advertisements. Instead, it opted to brush that away as proactive recommendations for various platforms that users could get interested in.

These were seen being provided at the right time when users may have been in search of them during that period. But now, we’re hearing more about how there’s a new plague of search ads popping up for users on the Google Play Store. This time around, it’s just ads.

It’s all thanks to the expert of Android, Mishaal Rahman who was quick to reveal some findings and that is what led to an explosive debate on the Twitter app. This just goes to show how spread out the entire new feature of search is on the Google Play Store.

As we speak, so many users seen in nations like the UK, Japan, and other regions saw ads pop up when users clicked on the search bar. In the end, it led to suggestions about how Google may be in its early stage for widespread rollout.

One particular thing which makes all of this different from a series of other recommendations is how Google began the launch in the month of November and that is what led to the Ad Badge feature popping up against new suggestions.

In most situations, these ads appeared in combo with the search engine giant’s proactive series of recommendations. Hence, it might be that users that have the suggestions feature across accounts are the ones gaining up on such ads.

It was also mentioned that when a comparison was made to the starting rollout for search suggestions in 2022, this new interface that people saw at the start of the week featured more data regarding such apps.

The rating of users and the total figure of downloads were even mentioned in the subtitle part, located right below every suggestion. This entails ads as well as proactive recommendations.

With ads turning into a huge component of the Android maker’s business model, this is not something that many people saw coming by miles. It’s also very much possible that the search engine giant is experimenting with such endeavors as its latest revenue stream to combat losses it's facing through Play Store revenues in various nations around the globe. This has to do with how lawmakers are forcing the firm to provide options for alternative billing of third parties.

In case you may not have noticed, the tech giant set out plans for alternative modes of payments across the Google Play Store across the United Kingdom.

And this would in turn force the firm to take on a reduced share of the app sales. Similarly, we’re going to see a range of actions regarding policy changes in leading Asian nations like South Korea and even India.

H/T: Androidpolice
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