Apple’s AirTag Has Turned Into A Must-Have Accessory For Travelers Around The World As Sales Skyrocket

The pandemic is over and that means we’re seeing more and more people pick up the pace in terms of traveling to various destinations.

With the rise in travel comes a parallel increase in sales for one of Apple’s hottest travel accessories. And in case you haven’t guessed by now, we’re talking about the AirTag.

Sales for the much sought-after travel accessory have skyrocketed in recent times and we can understand why it’s the hottest thing to own for travelers from all over the globe.

It’s a wonderful and reliable way to track your luggage and as per recent stats, people are so far very happy with the ordeal.

The news comes to us thanks to a recently published study by Circana/NPD who proved how the sales for things like item trackers like AirTag by Apple massively grew by nearly 63% in just the US during the months of January and February. Moreover, sales revenue for such items also grew by 82%.

While such items could be made use of for other purposes like tracking luggage, the research showed how there’s a high interest in such products that coincides with the rise in luggage and travel accessories since the past year.

And despite so many economic headwinds arising, a lot of people are spending big on travel than before. Moreover, analysts feel this trend would not die down soon. In fact, it would continue in the upcoming year.

As per reports from the study’s leading research analyst, some travel accessories are really making it big in terms of sales. And they entail AirTag, headphones, and portable batteries. All travelers wish to purchase such items as they make their journey a pleasurable one and also one that’s carefree.

Similarly, such travel products ensure they remain connected to the world, stay entertained during long flights, and also are well-equipped in terms of power while on the go. They’ve all had positive growth when sales for others witnessed a challenging performance in the first quarter.

The study sees the trend in spending on travel and related products would pick up the pace further this year and the next. And we feel leading iPhone maker Apple is over the moon with the news.

Ever since the Cupertino firm launched the feature, people have been putting out nothing but praise. So many individuals reported how happy they were to retrieve their luggage thanks to the revolutionary technology seen across this accessory.

One great example of such a case involves a male who resorted to making a complaint to the police about his luggage getting lost. He hoped to retrieve it as it was the airline’s fault. This suitcase got tracked down using AirTag. And in more recent times, we saw a passenger leave his wallet aboard his flight. It was flying to several different cities and it’s all thanks to the Find My application.

And it’s known that even if a user doesn’t lose their luggage, the presence of AirTags could be super handy for locating them at the airport terminal after it left the aircraft.

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