Users Delighted As YouTube Bans Annoying Ads Intruding Their In-App Sessions

If you were a part of the bunch who simply couldn’t get over how annoying banner ads were on YouTube videos, then this news is sure to delight you.

The company has opted to ban all forms of banner ads that intrude on the app’s sessions. Moreover, the platform may be seen preparing to retire such ads that come under the overlay banner and are usually popping up toward the end of videos. This is seen when you view the content across the desktop computer.

The firm owned by Google mentioned more about the change in one of its recently published documents.

It says how it is now on a mission to better the entire user experience and make way for better optimization of ad formats that perform better on desktops and different mobile phones.

The app is not going to be using any more overlay ads as early as next month, the update further confirmed.

YouTube adds how such suggestions for banner ads are turning out to be outdated and not effective in terms of producing clicks from users that are interested.

The company has referred to Overlay ads as a part of its classic legacy format. It is seen on desktop views only and they really expect a small impact from its display in terms of earnings for the app’s creators. This has to do with the fact that there’s a shift in engagement to other types of formats for ads.

This new endeavor is designed to help rid clutter on the app because such features just end up being a waste of space and a sheer form of a nuisance to those watching videos on the platform.

They also tend to bombard viewers with bizarre messaging ordeals that aren’t even linked to the types of clips on offer.

However, on the other hand, getting rid of these types of ads deletes the chance by which the app’s creators can produce revenue through ads of this kind. And before we forget, it’s another heads-up to the app’s users about how YouTube might be thinking of gaining up on ads in other regions.

And if that occurs, you can see it being even more intrusive than before, forcing the viewer to witness even more ads.

In 2022, the app was seen testing around 5 out of 10 ads that were literally unskippable in a row regarding long-form videos.

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