Twitter Ruffles More Regulatory Feathers In The EU By Silent Rollout Of Its Paid Verification

The trouble for Twitter in the EU continues after the company chose to ruffle some serious regulatory feathers with the quiet rollout of its paid verification.

The famous microblogging site is being heavily criticized for failing to generate a notification to the top data protection watchdog in the region. And as expected, things certainly did not go unnoticed.

Twitter had vowed ahead of time that it would certainly be keeping them in the loop but it backtracked on those words and would now be forced to face some serious consequences.

In case you may not be aware, the product called Twitter Blue enables users to pay money for blue ticks linked to their respective accounts. Moreover, this mimics the appeal linked to the legacy verification product on the app that came before Elon Musk took charge of the firm in 2022.

In addition, this had to do with providing more access to additional features that arise as a suite including the chance for tweet editing, undoing them, and achieving ranking through prioritized means through chats.

So now, a new report comes forward from Reuters where the regulatory body’s head expressed great concern against Musk’s firm because the feature is gearing up for a launch in the region where EU nations are involved.

But giving them false reassurance that they would be alerted but never moving ahead with that choice have people shocked. At first, Twitter claimed that it wouldn’t be taking place in the EU and now that it is, it’s alarming for officials.

For now, there is a lack of comments being generated by both Twitter and the Data Protection Commission as they’re busy holding talks with the company at this moment.

The new product subscription was revised and given the green signal for a launch right after Musk took charge in the fall of last year. He spoke about how it was time that Twitter’s blue checks would no longer be offered free of cost.

Musk said that he was left with no choice but to put that launch on a temporary pause as there was entire chaos surrounding the whole verification scenario right now. So then we saw the relaunch arise in December of 2022 and places such as the US, UK, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia were able to benefit from it first.

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