YouTube Shorts Creators Share Their Results From The App’s New Monetization Program

YouTube stars are sharing their results from the platform’s new monetization program, just a month after it was launched.

Top creators like Zach King managed to generate 196.4 million views through Shorts clips on the app during the initial 30 days. But he managed to only take back $2900 in terms of revenue share.

The star’s results are out and it’s $0.02 RPM. But don’t get too happy as creators are talking about $0.04. And that’s not amazing but it is a tad bit bitter. Moreover, as noted by King, it is definitely so much better than the creator fund on offer by TikTok. In the same way, we’re seeing it be better than Instagram’s current offerings linked to Reels.

It was further mentioned how there are some great benefits for Shorts makers as they’re getting plenty of exposure and great brand-creating opportunities. This is in stark comparison to just simple money creation.

But stars realize that and understand how getting 197 million views each month does not mean they’re getting a payout that’s equivalent to that. What they do end up seeing is exposure and the expenses linked to such views. For now, it’s quite low when exposure is witnessed. And that makes you realize that building the brand up is one of the top goals.

With time, stars hope it gets bigger and better and the gap is covered to favor creators. However, exposure and figures such as these would be hard to achieve.
This is YouTube’s integral proposition as it already gives its biggest stars payments in billions via its regular partner program. So as you may imagine, Shorts is just an addition to that as it garners more interest in the main platform.

As you can see, the app’s ability to make money is much greater than any other app’s offerings.

During the start, YouTube has been called out for enhancing models for the sake of monetization as it hopes to create an edge over archrival platforms. But when you don’t have such enhancements, the chances for monetization on the forum become so much more. And it would take on huge changes for other tech giants to actually come head-to-head with YouTube.

For now, there is no direct way to generate millions through such clips.

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