Twitter Will Soon Allow Users To Add Notes To Visuals Attached To Tweets As It Introduces New Pricing Plan For APIs

There are a series of changes lined up for the popular microblogging website Twitter.

The company is all set to enable an upgrade to its Community Notes by allowing users to link notes to visuals attached to Tweets.

The news is interesting considering how there is definitely going to be a massive wave of very real appearing pictures generated from AI technology coming users’ way on the app. So the timing of the launch seems to be crucial here.

The element is being dubbed as the latest range of contextual information indicators that allow users to include some notes on various visuals attached to tweets. So when it is applied, it would be applicable for all versions of the image shared on this app.

As could be seen with such an example by one app researcher who goes by the name Nima Owji, contributors for such Notes can include very specific notes regarding attached pictures. There will be a checkbox that may be used for the selection of the same note for all situations of similar images across such an app.

So many images have gone viral on the app that was not true but they managed to get the attention and engagement that many had hoped for. For instance, pictures of former US President Donald Trump getting arrested and Pope Francis donning a very hip and cool coat while walking the streets of New York City. While it may be appearing convincing, the truth was far from that.

So adding context markers to them like a Community Note may assist in silencing misinformation as people would be more aware of what’s real and what’s not.

For those that might not be aware, Community Notes has slowly but surely turned into a key means of Musk’s 2.0 foundation on Twitter. He hopes it can enable fact-checking and allow people to decide things that should and shouldn’t be allowed on the platform.

This might just work in favor of Twitter’s management too by lessening their burden of content moderation tasks and enabling users to detect and get rid of things that are false on the app.

But we have to mention that tools like this that enable crowdsourcing do come with some added risks that silence people’s opinions. So then there are arguments and more questions raised about the entire post as a whole.

On the other hand, Twitter has similarly spoken about a new and revised pricing strategy for its APIs.

The popular but controversial app makes use of APIs extensively so developers belonging to third parties can attain access to both the platform and its data with ease. Such endeavors enable developers to produce a great mix of apps that may engage with the Twitter platform, take out data from it, and produce content for it on behalf of its users.

In the same way, they give rise to a means by which you can combine data from Twitter and its functionality to its own apps and services including social media tools, data analytics platforms, and even mobile apps.

So now, developers are given the chance to achieve an upgrade for $100 each month when they attain the basic tier. This provides a bigger post limit of nearly 3000 monthly tweets at the user level and also gives rise to 50,000 tweets each month at the app’s level. But with fewer read limits comprising 10,000 tweets each month, it might not be as exciting as many had hoped for.

The final tier is dubbed Enterprise and it hopes to target audiences like companies and scaled projects of enterprises that have customized needs.

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