Instagram users will soon be getting a new app and the ability to reply on other users’ Bio

Meta’s Instagram is reportedly working to introduce two unique features on its platform. According to Alessandro Paluzzi, a leaker and mobile developer, the platform will soon let its users reply to other users’ bios. Not only this, but developers are also working on a new application, namely Barcelona.

Instagram has been working to update the features available on users’ bios. The platform allowed its users to add links for their other social media accounts, such as their Facebook profiles, and then a few months back it was revealed that users will soon be able to add songs to their bios. The main idea behind the “add song” feature was to let others know more about themselves through song. With the addition of the replying to bio feature, it can be expected that Instagram is planning to make bio more engaging to attract more users.

Moving on to the second update, at the start of March, Platformer, an online news agency famous for sharing insights on Silicon Valley, revealed that Meta had confirmed that it was working on a decentralized social platform on which updates could be shared via text. The announcement was made following the downfall of micro-blogging applications, which made the way for other social platforms to introduce similar features.

Meta said that it wants to provide a space for content creators and other famous people to share their latest updates. The decentralized nature of the application will let users set up their own personalized space, and the content will be moderated through specific guidelines. The server can be joined via invitation, as shown in the screenshot shared by Alessandro in his tweet. The new app won’t need any sign-up as it will be accessed through the same credentials as Instagram.

Since the application is still in its early developmental stage, no details have been shared by the company regarding what to expect from the upcoming platform or when it will be released globally. However, it can be expected that the two new updates will be making their debut anytime soon.

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