Meta Claims The Future Of Computing Will Take Place On The Metaverse

Meta is yet to lose hope in its undefined virtual world called the Metaverse.

The company was recently seen shedding light on the future of the computing world and how strongly the tech giant feels it would take place on the Metaverse.

Meta’s head for global affairs, Nick Clegg was seen explaining this past week how the metaverse is like a virtual space that arises in the firm’s Horizon Workrooms. Clegg tuned in from the city of London in the UK to speak with a long list of reporters that were seen wearing headsets that were borrowed from Meta Quest which is situated in the US capital city of Washington.

The group featured torsos seated on a large table made of wood and it was only the avatar belonging to Clegg that resembled him while the others were not worth a mention.

Moreover, the avatar donned a blue blazer featuring red and blue pockets over a crisp white shirt. This is where Clegg vowed that no matter how clunky user experience appeared today of the Metaverse and its associated apps, it would be replaced by some more user-friendly endeavors that are not very heavy on people’s head and includes virtual legs as well.

Clegg was adamant about how he plans on sticking to his stance about the future of the metaverse because the company strongly believes in what it is capable of. Moreover, he adds that there is plenty of evidence that shows how this is going to be the heart of the leading computational app but it won’t happen overnight. It would take some time.

The commitment of Clegg to the metaverse is in deep contrast with what is seen in the rest of the tech world as far as people losing disinterest in the endeavor is concerned.

People are less focused on VR worlds and their initiatives and running after AI tools that have really revolutionized the way we’re living our lives today. There is a new zeal for generative AI and chatbots and this race to reach the top is never-ending.

Let’s not forget how there are now more stringent economic conditions that force the industry to shift resources, while a few firms have even ended up pulling back their investments related to the virtual experience.

Last year February, we saw Microsoft kill its own metaverse project that had an industrial theme when it opted to fire around 10,000 workers. For those who may not be aware, the computational giant has always served as a leading ally for the efforts of Meta and you’ll even find some of its executive members showing up to produce events of Meta.

Microsoft’s CEO even touted recently how strongly he felt about uniting in VR-related projects and how keen he was to add his company’s long list of workplace tools including Word, Excel, and Teams.

And if that was not bad enough news, we saw Walt Disney Co. cut out a section of the project dedicated to the metaverse as it worked to bring its own expenses under control by laying off employees.

On Wednesday, Nick Clegg highlighted two main ways by which Meta hopes to make the most of its metaverse investment in the VR world. This was advertising while the other was linked to commerce.

We know that making use of user data for targeting purposes of certain ads helps keep both of Meta’s apps, Facebook and Instagram profitable. But the question now lies in how Meta will encourage users to spend more on VR goods or make use of its VR tools when carrying out shopping endeavors.

H/T: Bloomberg

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