Elon Musk Forced To Backtrack On Claims Of Only Providing Blue Subscribers With Benefits Amid Criticism For Poor Customer Service At Tesla And Starlink

Running the Twitter app is no easy deal and who better to explain that notion than tech billionaire Elon Musk?

The Twitter chief is having a hard time balancing the act of making users happy while allowing the app to reach new heights of profits.

His decision of only giving Twitter’s Blue subscribers an array of exclusive benefits and excluding the rest has caused a major uproar. And it seemed as if the app might end up losing more followers than Twitter simply can’t afford.

Mush was quick to note the change and respond to people’s woes and worries by backtracking on his proposed changes regarding the app’s user feed. It comes after he faced immense backlash for his decisions that people felt were ridiculously planned and not thought out well.

It was Monday when the leader of Tesla and SpaceX mentioned how those accounts that were verified would have content featured on the app’s algorithm. Similarly, he opted to exclude users with unverified accounts from voting in polls and many couldn’t help but wonder what would come next.

The decision is a big one and not having content on the For You algorithms means only those who paid for Blue Subscription would be rewarded financially. His justification was that it would help eliminate bot swarms that continue to take over the app.

But Twitter’s users were taking this as a major issue. They called the website dead in two weeks and failed to see the logic behind Elon Musk’s long list of calls. Similarly, they mentioned how money is needed to detect bots and so the company needs to try and make more investments to curb the problem. So doing this just tarnishes the app.

Just one day later, Musk opted to clarify how it’s not what people may be thinking. He backtracked and said that he forgot to mention how those accounts that users were following through direct means would be seen in For You as that is what users had requested explicitly.

It was last week on Tuesday when we saw Elon Musk mention how he happened to be working on building the app’s customer service. It comes after a lot of users have decided to start paying for their Twitter Blue Subscription so things need to be on point.

But with that being said, we must note that customer support at the moment at Musk’s other firms is not doing too well. And some of his clients at SpaceX and Tesla feel they’re being neglected by the Twitter chief who needs to get his priorities straightened.

Musk added through a post that was published recently that he hopes to provide the best customer service but that does require additional funds. And so it won’t come so easily but he hopes to continue his strive toward it.

Musk is definitely scrambling and seeing him focus on one place and fail at others is proof of how he might need to hire a Twitter CEO soon before his other businesses and investments get affected.

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