Twitter Opts To Downrank Accounts Belonging To Archrivals TikTok, Instagram, Snap, And Meta

Popular microblogging site Twitter is downranking so many of its accounts that respectively belong to certain competitors like Snapchat, Instagram, TikTok, and Meta.

This form of downranking was applied more so to the popular social media account TikTok than any other. And right now, there are a total of 19 that entail TikTok US, TikTok Sports, and TikTok Support.

The news comes to us thanks to Casey Newton, who is the founder and editor of Platformer. This appears to be some sort of a popular strategy designed to keep archrivals off of the For You page of the company.

Most of the accounts belonging to competitors that were downranked included the corporate ones such as TikTok, Instagram, Meta, and Snapchat- Platformer explained.

The initial changes were announced last year in December and it in turn hints at how tweets from such accounts aren’t getting recommended to different users who don’t follow them. And it will not show up on the For You tab as we are told.

This form of downranking is getting applied to a lot more accounts of TikTok than those belonging to others owned by the firm. This was confirmed by internal documents that were shown by the media outlet Platformer.

Around 19 different corporate accounts of TikTok were a part of the list of those that would be downranked. This is in stark comparison to just three for Snapchat and two for Instagram. And then there is news on how publicly available data features engagement from tweets on the TikTok app. This saw a huge downfall in January of this year.

All in all, the news is not being loved for obvious reasons as we wait for the social media giants to release a comment on the matter soon.

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