YouTube Studio Rolls Out Ability To Make New Podcasts And Set Up Existing Playlists As Podcasts

YouTube is all set for the launch of podcasts on the platform. But with that comes more great news about the YouTube Studio rolling out the necessary support with tools for Creators related to it.

This widely rolled-out feature gives creators the chance to make new podcasts and set new playlists as a part of that podcast endeavor. There is also going to be a new tab that’s restricted for this purpose and it would be seen on the Content page.

When done officially, such podcasts would showcase playlists and episodes from the podcast that include videos from the playlist. These would be eligible for the likes of playback through audio only.

Whenever the user marks the podcast, this content would be given an appropriate badge and it would appear with show cards in the user’s search results. And that was rolled out in 2022. Now, creators require users to include square-shaped podcast thumbnails that come with the title and entail descriptions that are more comprehensive in nature.

Creators will receive podcast-specific discoveries and even recommendation features that make it so much easier for audience members to look for the podcast in question. It would also be seen as an option that would be featured across the youtube page in the US.

Later on, you’ll find it available across YouTube Music. Today, you’ll see it continue being listed as a part of the ‘coming soon’ feature for creators in America.

YouTube mentioned in its blog post how it hopes to include dedicated analytics for all of the content that’s marked with the podcast tag. And that includes traffic sources, demographic details of the audience, retention metrics belonging to the audience, and data related to revenue.

Since then, the YouTube platform has given creators a lot of different practices that entail making public podcast playlists for all the podcasts on every channel. Next, you’ll see the podcast would be allowed to feature certain episodes that are full-length in design. And that would be organized in a specific order so users know how to view it.

The company also delineated how it hopes all podcasts would only entail full-length episodes that are organized in a sequence that consumes everyone involved. And in such situations when the podcast entails several seasons, it would entail them in that very same podcast.

During the setup process, YouTube tells users to add descriptive titles in the podcast and no extra words to it. And it’s never a good idea to entail generic terms like Full Episodes and New Uploads in it.

Just in case the podcast’s playlist is a little unclear when looked at at a first glance, you’ll see YouTube replace that with the channel’s name in the YouTube music app.

In cases when the show ends up being episodic, you can order the videos in a sequence that goes from newest to oldest. And if the show is seen in a serial, you can order that playlist in a manner that makes it go from the oldest to the newer version.

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