Google Maps Tests New Sidebar Feature On The Web Which Gives Convenient Access To Recently Seen Places

Maps for both Android and iOS are commonly seen giving visual updates. But the opposite stands true for maps witnessed on the Google webpage.

But it seems that things are soon going to change. The tech giant is right now testing new sidebars that give convenient access to places that users saw recently, as per 9to5G.

For some individuals, Google Maps is on the web featuring a rail for sports navigation toward the left edge. There is where you’ll find the hamburger button which opens a similar drawer to that seen in the past.

This includes two tabs that open a list of saved places and areas that you’ve visited recently.

And if that is not convenient, how about noticing that places seen recently including cities with locations are going to pop up across the sidebar. It gives users a chance to quickly return to places without spending hours searching and sifting across results of the past.

Separate locations open up on an immediate basis and they will take you to the likes of full listings. But Google Maps tends to group things together in just one place like a single city. So when you do click it, a list entailing a side panel pops up.

It’s quite like a manner featuring chat heads and enabling multitasking to be done quickly so users can easily switch from one place to the next.
We see this as a great use for the likes of extra screens linked to real estate that is afforded by the web when using laptops and desktops. Moreover, the sidebar feature is great when compared to using multiple tabs featuring Google Maps that open up together. We also think it’s a wonderful addition to mobile platforms seen on Android Tablets and Apple’s iPad devices.

For now, this feature comprising a sidebar for Google Maps is not launched. Moreover, we’re seeing it appear on a single one of the accounts where users sign in. it’s a clear change that allows for location planning to occur so easily on websites as compared to the usual endeavor used on smartphone devices. Also, we see an element of excitement when there are new UI ideas, thanks to Google, popping up on large screens.

Clearly, Google is doing a great job we believe and we can’t wait for the rollout so stay tuned!

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  1. YUCK. Ruins the vast edge-to-edge experience we associate with google maps.
    Please google, allow us to close this eyesore.

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