TikTok Says Banning The App In The US Would Hurt The Country’s Economy

TikTok is trying to convince the US that a potential ban on the app would result in the American economy taking a hard hit.

The leading social media platform is all set to testify in front of the country’s House Committee on Energy this week. And the CEO did mention how he had plenty of evidence that the app did not share data of its American users with officials in the Chinese government. He also referred to such a ban as pointless and baseless, while slamming the leading number of allegations put forward on the app.

A complete ban of this app in the country depends on how well CEO Shou Zi Chew is able to convince lawmakers of TikTok’s innocence and how the platform poses zero threat to American soil and its national security.

But this will not come easy and he’s destined to have a lot of work cut out for him, sources revealed as the tension between both the US and China continue to escalate as we speak. There are also plenty of reports accusing the app’s parent firm of stalking journalists and withholding data stores comprising user information.

By the looks of it, it seems like sanctions are definitely on their way, whether TikTok likes it or not. And if that was not dramatic enough, there is news about growing concerns regarding support from China for Russia’s Ukrainian invasion. Did we mention how the heads of state for both China and Russia met one another last week?

We are not sure if this is a forced sell-off or simply a complete ban of the app but one thing is for sure, TikTok is on the edge. The company’s CEO is set to face an entire American committee with his testimony that’s prepared beforehand and outlines some major details that could convince the US that the ban isn’t even favorable for the US, to begin with.

Details of TikTok’s CEO’s opening statement are now in the spotlight and it entails a lot of emphases on the advantages of assisting small American businesses in the US with the app. Similarly, it makes notes of the complete usage of the app in the country.

Nearly 150 million individuals across the US are making use of this app every month and the average user is an adult that’s past the usual age of going to college. TikTok suggests that the app is an outlet that allows different people to experience the culture of the US through its lens.
Some common examples were also provided of American talent like chefs, artists, musicians, and more. Other details revealed how there is great exposure for users that may know very little about the country.

TikTok adds that while American users represent just 10% of the overall global community, the voice accounts for just 25% of the complete views all over the world.

Chew will also make it clear what steps and measures TikTok takes to give more protection to minors and how it decreases the exposure provided against harmful ordeals and trends.

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