TikTok May Be Under Scrutiny In The US But Its Popularity Soars With 150 Million Active Users

TikTok has been having some tough times in the US as American lawmakers continue to put the app through scrutiny.

Let’s not forget about a potential ban in the country with calls for its American division to be sold off and separated from parent firm ByteDance.

But with the negativity does come some positivity and this includes the app celebrating its continued success in terms of popularity in the US. Think along the lines of having 150 million active users in the country- clearly a boost to its morale after all the negativity that surrounds it each day.

The news comes to us thanks to a senior Democratic strategist that revealed how the app is right now making plans to reveal the internal data of its firm in front of Congress very soon. The mighty testimony is all set for a grand unveiling on Thursday and it’s going to be interesting to see what the app has to say in its defense of the allegations that have come against it.

For those who may not be aware, the app’s final reported figure revealed how the current number of active members stood at 100 million subscribers but it did not take too much time to change and bring about a 50% rise from the older figure. This is ever since we saw the Trump administration make plans to get rid of the app as a whole.

Out of the staggering 150 million, there are nearly 12 million subscribers that are young and by that, we mean below the age of 18. And these are the ones to attain the right to vote by 2024.

Moreover, this figure does not even entail kids who are below 13 and on average, the age group for regular users of the app is just 31 years.

As per a report made by a few TikTok creators, there are plans to reach out to the US capital, right ahead of the testimony. They wish to have a chat with the lawmakers. The platform really wants to make its argument strong by stressing how banning the app may pave the way for bigger financial troubles as so many people are relying on this platform for their livelihood in today’s difficult financial period.

Remember, it’s not only the US but a few other bodies in various other nations such as the UK, Canada, New Zealand, and more. The app has received a ban on devices owned by the government too in these countries like the US.

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