TikTok Updates Its Community Guidelines As Potential Ban Of The App In The US Looms

TikTok seems to be displaying as much optimism as it can during this difficult period of time.

As a potential ban on the app looms, the company has opted to update its community guidelines. And that means saying hello to new provisions that are linked to synthetic media, elections, and hate or controversial speech.

These updates are definitely a big deal and they’re aligning with the likes of American officials. But as a whole, content moderation seems to be more related to what American lawmakers prefer as they’re the ones to impress here.

But TikTok says it has a huge commitment toward upholding things like human rights that align with a framework set out by the international legal community.

This looks like some kind of way to separate itself from various other approaches such as that linked to China.

As per a recently published statement by the company, the most comprehensive update is coming forward after taking 100 firms into consideration that arise from differnet parts of the world. The company mentioned how they value the input from all others and in the end, it really strengthens the rules and provides great responses to threats as well as huge harms.

The major changes to the app’s policy are related to a part of the synthetic media section that outlined how AI additions are portraying more real scenes and hence need to be outlined as such.

TikTok adds that it is working hard to welcome creativity and new AI among others on the app. But at the same time, it did make people aware of how it’s hard to differentiate fact from fiction online when you’re using AI.

So many manipulated scenes are shown and they’re required to be disclosed at an early stage. We can do this through the use of captions in the form of stickers that speak about how fake things are becoming online. And by this way, users are aware of what to expect in the future.

TikTok’s synthetic policy similarly mentioned how AI depictions aren’t allowed anymore for private citizens but at the same time, they’re allowing public figures. But the only catch is to make sure there is no advertising or violating the app’s policies

TikTok revealed how it’s working so hard to get on the front foot in terms of AI tools and also provides some great guidelines that keep politicians protected from any sort of misrepresentation.

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