TikTok Goes On The Offensive To Explain How It Has Helped American Businesses As Threat Of US Ban Looms

TikTok is trying to do whatever it can to ward off the threat of a potential ban of the app in the country.

The latest we know so far is how the platform’s CEO was given the chance to testify in front of the Senate and justify why TikTok should still continue with its operations in the country.

But despite its efforts, we’re not quite sure if that is ever going to be enough to convince US lawmakers that a ban is not needed, considering the fact a lot of them have already made up their minds.

It seems like the company has entered the offensive and is still very optimistic about it.

So many key partners are being dealt with in a similar way by the company. They’re holding meetings to give the assurance that despite the gloomy situation, things will work out for the better.

A lot of emphasis is similarly being put on making others realize that TikTok has really come far in terms of providing assistance to the American population. The app says turning Americans’ hobbies into something of a business really shows how keen it is to make them earn revenue and achieve brand growth during financial crunch situations.

But the concern of having potential links with the Chinese is one that is of the most concern. It’s hard to dispel the assumptions of the American government that data is and was shared with the officials in that nation, without taking the consent of users.

Clearly, desperate times call for desperate moves, and in the past week, the app has really doubled its range of stories regarding the benefits it has had on the American economy, and losing it could affect the country big time.

Furthermore, the app’s CEO recently published two more videos through the platform’s main channel. He called the app’s users to come forward and assist in persuading the local reps in the country and lobbying them toward making a decision that would help save this app.

And by the looks of his desperate calls, we feel that this might be a hint of how close the US is toward banning the platform. The goal seems to sway people in the right direction and we’re not too hopeful that this is the way to do it.

Whatever the case may be, only time can tell if the ban is coming or not. And until then, we’re just going to have to sit and watch in silence while the company scrambles in utter chaos and desperation.

Meanwhile, internal reports from Digiday did reveal how the company is similarly carrying out meetings with important advertising partners to show them more information and concerns about the platform.

It appears to be a part of the five-page long document that talks about TikTok providing key information regarding the platform and how it currently works under the management of both the US and Singapore.

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