Twitter Boosts Engagement Of 35 Celebrity Accounts To Provide More Motivation For Tweet Posting

A new report by the Platformer is shedding light on Twitter’s recent decision to motivate VIP users of the app to post more.

We are definitely not surprised by the decision that Elon Musk and his team of executives are making in this regard. After all, the goal is to ensure such app users don’t get demotivated to produce more tweets.

The report revealed how a total of 35 high-profile accounts are getting boosts for tweet engagement so they can keep sharing their thoughts with the engagement they need.

We first heard about this list getting started last month when Musk saw his own posts on the platform decline in engagement and popularity. And to prevent that from taking place right now, the app was witnessed tasking engineers with commands to ensure Musk’s posts were seen more on the feed, whether users followed him or not.

It appears that VIPs will not get a similar form of treatment. Musk says that such big names would never like to learn that their visibility is declining on the platform. So he is making sure that never happens.

Today, a list of high-profile names that were included in the project was published. From politics to entertainment and sports too- there are some really famous people included.

For instance, we’ve AOC and President Biden included as far as political figures are concerned. Then from the world of sports, we’ve got NBA star LeBron James and Sports Journalist Adrian Wojnarowski.

After that, Ben Shapiro was included, and top YouTuber Mr. Beast couldn’t be forgotten as well. Other than that, a top array of leading journalists from the media sector were also highlighted including Glenn Greenwald and Matt Yglesias.

We all know how much Elon Musk is not a fan of media personalities and journalists. So this curated list is definitely something that was handpicked thanks to his efforts of making sure those benefited that he shared good terms with.

While we don’t see anything wrong or surprising with Elon Musk’s decision to boost engagement of such accounts, it does seem to go against the app’s goal of preventing the interference of management from rectifying its systems to promote or restrict certain types of content online.

All in all, Musk clearly knows what he is doing and to help save the app from further destruction and keep engagement running high, this might be the right decision according to him. What do you think?

Remember, it was only yesterday that Twitter announced a new push to make users subscribe to its exclusive Blue package. The goal seemed to be a very necessary step as outlined by Musk to rid of the alarming number of bots spreading through the platform.

Only those having verified accounts were now going to benefit from features that others were excluded from. The tech billionaire also emphasized how strongly he felt about the topic of paid social media.

According to Musk, it’s the only way to move forward. But only time can tell how popular the Blue Subscription turns out to be in the end.

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