The state of freedom in 195 countries and 15 territories

The U.S.-based non-profit organization Freedom House recently shared its annual report for the year 2022. The report highlights the most repressive and free countries. The annual report is found to be important to have a better insight into the global democratic condition. As per the company, the latest report, despite showing a negative trend in which the level of democracy has been going down for seventeen consecutive years, might turn soon.

With the negative trend finally reaching its leveling point, it can be expected that things are about to change. For the last 3 years, the COVID-19 pandemic had everything under control. Due to the global lockdown, governments were forced to imply restrictions on their citizens by minimizing their movement. However, the restrictions have been lifted as things have started to get back to normal.

Furthermore, the global disputes, including Russia’s war against Ukraine and revolts and attempted revolts such as the one observed in Peru in December 2022, are some factors that have contributed to lowering democracy levels. Similarly, nations in which political division holds deep roots were included by the NGO in their annual report as well. Events such as the one seen in Brazil, where Bolsonaro’s followers went against Congress and broke into the Supreme Court as trespassers.

Similarly, the political situation in Afghanistan was also discussed in the report, as the new Taliban government imposed a ban on female education, restricting them from continuing their studies after the 6th grade. Israel’s misconduct against Palestinians, including the wrecking of homes in the West Bank, was also featured by the organization.

The report was based on the level of freedom observed in one hundred and ninety-five nations along with fifteen territories. After analyzing their political and civil rights, these nations were identified as either “free” (having no suppression of their citizens), “partially free,” or “not free.” Out of 195 countries, 35 nations experienced a fall in democratic level, while 34 of them experienced growth in freedom.

Freedom House was founded in 1941, and the first report was released 50 years ago, in which out of one hundred and ninety-five nations, only forty-four were free, whereas as of the latest report, the figures have gone up from forty-four to eighty-four nations.

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