Analysis: The most frequently compromised websites are Facebook and Instagram

According to a recent analysis by VPNCentral, Facebook and Instagram are the websites that get hacked the most frequently online. According to the statistics, the three platforms that hackers most regularly target are Spotify, Instagram, and Facebook. These three platforms dominate the monthly searches for phrases linked to hacking.

A significant security incident involving 530 million Facebook accounts in 2021 shook the data infrastructures of top social media corporations. That was just one more instance in a long line of assaults that have changed in quantity and methods over the past few years.

If you have concerns about internet security and privacy, now is the moment to address them. According to a recent VPN Central analysis, Facebook is the most popular search keyword for concerns about hacking, with almost 68,000 monthly searches! That is more than twice as much as Instagram, which came in second with 36k monthly searches related to hacking attempts. Be careful out there and safeguard your password!

Live streaming service Twitch is fourth on the list of websites that are most frequently hacked despite providing two-factor verification. The first non-social media service to rank in the top ten is Spotify, which is in third place. It might be because the service prioritizes music streaming over chat or user interaction and has more complicated password requirements than other services.

With evidence of these mounting malicious campaigns, Instagram took decisive action to mitigate the risks they posed to their users. By late 2022, a specialized online tool was launched ― an interactive resource center that dedicated a webpage of digital resources available at people's disposal if they found themselves with a hacked account.

Because more people than ever are using the internet, hackers are exploiting holes in various websites and services. Businesses must ensure adequate measures to protect user data from malicious attacks, from social media platforms to streaming services.

Social media accounts are the most popular when it comes cyber security searches; Facebook ranks at a high of 67,940 searches. Instagram trails behind close after with 36,220 queries - although not as much as streaming giant Spotify, which had 25,920 people inquiring about its secrets! Twitch followed suit, pushing 10K inquiries regarding their platform, while other long-standing sites such as Amazon (6170), Snapchat (6100), Coinbase (5900), Twitter (5190), Gmail (4920), and Microsoft's 4k trailed, respectively.

The media and tech giants remain at the top of the list for cyber searches, but it is important not to forget about the smaller companies still subject to malicious attacks. Many of these companies may not have the same security measures as larger organizations, leaving them vulnerable to various forms of attack.

Facebook and Instagram have experienced the greatest hacking attempts, reveals a new study.

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