Striking New Research Proves 50% Of Twitter Blue Subscribers Have Less Than 1,000 Followers

Elon Musk appears to be very keen to move ahead with his push to force Twitter users to pay for the app’s Blue Subscription.

It was only yesterday that we saw how the tech billionaire was setting out incentives to get people to attain the paid blue tick. He excluded non-verified users from having their posts appear in recommendations and also barred them from taking part in polls.

But if he thinks that is going to be enough to persuade them to keep those ticks, the reality is surely disappointing, as confirmed by this latest research.

We are just days away from the app stripping out its legacy verification ticks in favor of new paid ticks linked to the platform’s Blue Subscritpno. Then starting in the middle of next month, the app’s algorithm will bid farewell to allow non-paying members’ posts from showing on the feed.

Clearly, Musk has really been going full throttle to make people pay for its Blue Subscritpon as that was one of the first things that he introduced after taking power as the CEO and Chief of the firm.

Today, the subscriptions come at $4 a month but if you choose to attain it through an iOSmobile purchase then it’s for $11. But users are not happy as they keep on complaining about how no one pays for free websites.

Thanks to one researcher named Travis Brown, we’ve some interesting facts related to the app’s Twitter Blue subscription. He says that since the start of this year, the app showcased how 50% of subscribers that attained the blue tick after paying for it had less than 1,000 followers. So in reality, that’s just an estimate of 220,132 paying members.

And then, another 78,000 who paid for Twitter Blue had less than 100 users following the account. Moreover, to break it down further, 2200 people are paying for Twitter Blue with zero followers.

To come to think of it, there are just so few people who could make it past the four-digit criteria worth of in-app followers. So many appeared to have attained the subscription with the hopes that it would boost their Twitter account.

And while Brown doesn’t have access to the app’s internal information or details, there were some major concerns about how accurate his methodology was to attain such findings. And you’ll be amazed because when the actual figures of Twitter Blue subscribers were leaked, they were as close to this as possible.

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