Twitter Bars Recommendations From Unverified Accounts While Stopping Non-Blue Subscribers From Participating In Polls

Twitter is one app that seems to be on the rise to making plenty of changes, thanks to Elon Musk’s long list of directives.

The popular microblogging website has opted to say good bye to recommendations from those accounts that fall under the unverified status.

We know that users are not going to be ecstatic to hear this piece of news as there were fears of it being a long time coming. As it is, getting recommendations from accounts you don’t even follow is already a headache, and now this. So the goal seems to be barring unverified ones makes from having tweets go viral.

The news comes after tech billionaire Elon Musk announced how keen he has become in terms of pushing ahead with its Blue Subscription project. It was seen unlocking a host of new advantages to try and motivate others to pay and avail exclusivity with the classic verified badge.

So this banning of recommendations from non-verified accounts seems to be another incentive to get people to jet out more funds or face limitations. But what is even more shocking is how the Tesla and SpaceX CEO plans on barring its non-blue users of the app from taking part in polls.

This means if you don’t have a blue verified badge across your profile, you can no longer have a say on polls.

The mega changes were revealed by Musk on Monday who says they would come into effect starting the middle of next month. So only verified profiles would get that benefit.

Those who are paying for the exclusive feature are going to have their tweets seen on the app’s For You Tab. And in case you did not know, that tab is highlighted to entail suggested content from users. Did we mention how important it is for engagement and making your voice heard to others on the platform?

During the start of this month, Twitter made it clear how it had some huge plans of expanding the Blue Subscription around the world. Shortly after that, it announced how legacy verified members of the app would lose the badge beginning next month until and unless they were willing to pay more.

In places like the US, this subscription costs $8 each month and if you’re using the iOS app from Apple, you’ll be forced to pay $11 a month.

We won’t lie, the changes are very interesting and it’s quite clear where Elon Musk’s main focus is at this moment in time. He is super keen on making his paid subscription endeavor a hit and if that means excluding some paying members from key features, then so be it.

Recently, the Twitter Chief claimed how strongly he felt about paid social media. According to him, this should be the only one that really matters.

Moreover, he addressed the problems related to bots swarming over the platform, and the only way forward to curb this ordeal was this, he continued.

Musk is certainly showing more optimism about this project than others but only time will tell how keen users of the app are in terms of paying for more benefits.

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