Google Is Enhancing Its Search Features So Users Can Better Judge Online Data And Sources

Google is on a mission to better its search features so users can gauge information online with ease and explore various viewpoints.

The search engine giant says it’s so important in today’s day and age to get the right type of data that is correct and can be relied upon. After all, there’s nothing worse than information that’s daunting as the internet keeps on growing and continues to evolve with time.

As a part of the response to such challenges, the tech giant has opted to take on the task to give users a new array of tools to better cope with this ordeal.

Remember, the tech giant has made it very clear that such updates are getting published soon and the list was outlined today for all to see.

It included the likes of introducing ‘about this author’ and an expansion of ‘about this result’. Similarly, it hopes to attain easier access to its ‘about this result’ feature while adding some distinct perspectives to its Top Story endeavor. Lastly, it hopes to incorporate advisories linked to information gaps too.

The news arises at a time when we’re just days away from Global Fact-Checking day which takes place on April 2. Moreover, the significance here is related to giving out the best information literacy and most reliable sources.

For starters, the feature called About this Author is designed to give more background data about the authors providing the information online. Users can simply press on the three-dot icon and get access to details on their experience and other types of content they’ve produced elsewhere on the web.

For now, the feature did not mention how exactly Google attains the details of the author but it’s quite interesting when you come to think of it. But what we do know is that the feature is going to be up for grabs on the search results page in the English language for all soon.

Next, Google is opted to expand it's About This Result offering globally. The feature is going to be up for grabs in various languages. So wherever the search engine is accessible is users, you’ll find a language of that kind.

To avail, users can simply click on the three dots that are featured near the search snippets to attain more data about the information’s source and how Google’s system can deem it to be useful for users.

The goal here is to provide more ways to make users decide which web pages they can visit and which results in they could trust.

Thirdly, we’ve got Google’s New Perspective offering to provide a glimpse of diverse views. The search engine giant says the feature that is dubbed Offering is designed to appear right underneath Top Stories and set out insights from different media personalities including experts, journalists, and some very relevant personalities regarding different search topics.

The offering is designed to set out different types of viewpoints on media topics including current affairs while complementing today’s very authoritative form of reporting that you see in the Top Story feature.

We are expected to see this rollout soon in America for both mobile phones and desktop users.

Next, we’re seeing the tech giant launching it's About This Page that makes data so much more accessible for all. Now, all you need to do is type URLs into the search bar and include data from Google’s About this Page. It’s going to pop up at the top of the Search Results.

The rollout will be global and will appear in English.

Last but not least, Google will put content advisories whenever there is an evolving topic. These would get expansions to different languages to combat information gaps.

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