Pinterest Assists Brands With Their Marketing By Testing New ‘Premiere Spotlight’ Ad Unit

Pinterest is on a roll in terms of helping different brands get the engagement they deserve through a ‘Premiere Spotlight’ ad unit.

The whole strategy behind this endeavor is to put different businesses’ promotions in the spotlight and by that, we mean toward the screen top section on its respective search page.

As can be witnessed through examples like these, the first partner to experience the new feature is Kohl and that is why you’ll find it at the top. This means it has a premium spot on the screen for search.

Moreover, it might end up providing the respective brand some great exposure and go on to reach various Pinners that are on the lookout for various products across the app.

The feature is also going to provide advertisers with a leading position that would last for one day and end up giving more engaging and better promotional content for videos. This gets activated in-stream. So simply tap on this ‘Visit Cite’ CTA seen in the advertisement and you get transferred to the website of the business with ease.

This opens up directly on the app and allows advertisers to achieve a direct response from such promotional strategies.

The option demands a lot of attention on the ad front and it’s no wonder advertisers are going to adore seeing such big names across the platform. But we must mention how it might end up being cost-efficient for small businesses too. For now, Pinterest is yet to launch an official statement on the front linked to costs for the advertising unit. However, the option is certainly premium and that is why the masses might not go for it, keeping in mind the current economic situation.

Whatever the case may be, one thing is for sure. Pinterest is really evolving in terms of its video advertisements. The direction that it seems to be moving toward is great with some fabulous promotional offerings. Today, the user base stands at just 450 million users and it keeps on increasing.

A lot of people do arise on the app with the thought of shopping. So it’s definitely becoming a huge consideration for the company to link those interested brands with their respective target consumers.

And that is what markets the right information in-stream on the platform. As you know, all platforms call video a huge element of focus as that is where most of the views and engagement are coming from these days.

H/T: Techcrunch

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