New Data Shows TikTok’s IAP Earned It $205 Million More Than Snap, Facebook, Instagram, And Twitter Combined

Ever since Apple introduced its ATT feature, we saw huge social networks suffering mega revenue losses across the board.

The much-talked-about privacy feature was unveiled in 2021 and a year later, it was designed to wreak havoc as apps couldn’t target ads anymore without users providing the green light to do so.

And since these leading apps are not having any paywalls means they are collectively directing user payments as alternatives for monetization through ads. They’re giving out offers for goods and services at a particular fee charge for the in-app purchase that Apple and Google got a share of. As a whole, the IAP revenue increased by nearly 91%.

Before the introduction of Apple’s iOS 14.5, it showed how its privacy protections were big on social media apps and that is where they seemed to be making all of their money through advertising.

And the most useful data there was, the better ad targeting took place and this meant the revenue multiplied for apps like Facebook. But when data was less, ad relevance took a hit and so did ad revenue. So it’s clear how big tech giants in the world of social media are trying to get all of their lost revenue back. And they’re doing that through the platform’s users.

Today, Snap is giving its subscription at $40 a year while Twitter is providing theirs for $115 a year. Now, both programs are giving premium features to users that pay extra. Then we have the likes of Instagram and Facebook giving their followers payments as a means to reward creators and boost post visibility.

Then we have apps like TikTok whose main focus is creator rewards and as a whole, it’s doing much better than all of these platforms combined together.

But TikTok’s success in terms of app revenue is growing for a while now. Think seven back-to-back quarters with TikTok generating $205 million more in IAP revenue for this year only, when we combine all of its archrivals, as per Apptopia.

But Meta’s Facebook is not keeping quiet. It is continuing with its endeavor to fight back.

In the past month, the CEO said would provide a verification program where users would pay $12 each month for web usage while the fee for an in-app subscription was $15 a month. The end result is getting the Meta Verified Badge and some added safety measures.

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