Snapchat Offers New Feature That Allows Users To Restore Snap Streaks

Snapchat is rolling out a new offer that would allow users to restore their respective streaks on the platform.

And we see that as a huge opportunity because the feature is already so popular among users, carrying great social value for the app’s client base.

As per a published statement from the company, they claim the platform has been working hard to celebrate the great bonds of friends and that is cherished every day using such endeavors as the Streaks.

But when life does get a little complex, it’s hard to keep up. While some teens have exams, others are dealing with poor mobile service. Moreover, a few people complain as they require time to take a breather and relax. Remember, losing out on Snap Streaks does not directly relate to poor friendships.

And to avoid people speculating or doubting such bonds in the first place, users are going to benefit from the app’s testing feature so their lost spark is reigniting and restored through a single free streak, using the click of a button.

As can be seen via such screenshots, users will get a glimpse of the option for a pop-up that restores such streaks in the chat box. And you can get chats restored but that also would cost you.

After making use of the free option, you can attain additional ones with a price tag of a little under a dollar every time it’s done. And that is what provides another great chance for the app to include incremental revenue.

But one other revenue option for the app is that with time, they hope to add another innovative way for the app’s Snapchat+ subscribers to freeze the streaks and put things on a hold. And that’s when they are aware that things are not working well in their favor.

So as you can, the company is on to find more incentives for the app’s Snapchat+ subscriptions that arise with the ‘My AI conversational chatbot offering’. And so far, with around 2.5 million paying, it’s doing great.

We personally see this strategy as a smart one that so many of the app’s users are busy with to get the best Snap Streaks.

There are a lot of people in this world who call out slacking on the app’s streaks as a crime and offense. Yes, that’s how much they adore it. Others claim a broken streak is quite disappointing. And in the most extreme cases of them all, it may end up causing plenty of drama across the board.

Moreover, you’ll find it causing some mega rifts in the friendships as well. No one wants something like that to begin with and it’s no wonder that people call it a huge rift.

So to keep the streaks feature alive, it’s beneficial to users and the app, which is why they’re all so invested in it right now. So many users are so well aligned with the platform and the company wants things to stay this way.

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