Google Play Store Allows Users To Generate Reviews By Referring To Its Web App Listings While Releasing Alerts For Glitchy Apps

In the past year, we saw Google made it a point to ensure all ratings for apps would be generated on specific criteria that it calls form factor. Therefore, all reviews for such form factors could be done on the Play Store.

Users could previously leave their thoughts on form factors by going to the Play Store on their respective devices. But now, the latest update on this front is how some people are seeing a chance to leave a review or a rating for any device by referring to web app listings, as spotted by 9to5G. You’ll now be able to see several options while making such a review like different devices including Phones, Tablets, TV, Auto, Chromebook, and Watch.

This means you are going to be more specific about which experience you plan on rating and we feel the news is fabulous and couldn’t get better. We also pray such filters arrive on Android devices too as they add a new level of convenience.

During the latter part of 2021, the Android maker made a decision to produce ratings for the app countrywide so users in Japan would see reviews for those put forward by others in the region. This had to do with how strongly they felt about aggregate ratings not providing an entire picture of the story taking place.

Moreover, this type of form factor would better filter reviews as well as ratings that aren’t released right now but it does tend to pop up across a few accounts on the Play Store.

There is nothing worst than getting burned by a poor app and we’ve all been there and done that. It’s hard to see sometimes what it is that we wish them to be as there are times when they just are not user-friendly. Simply put, they don’t work and nothing is worse than that.

Thankfully, Google is working on that front too, using tools that differentiate the good ones from the poor ones, based on reviews and ratings across the app. They’re also working hard to police the submissions getting generated by users to see how authentic they are. To be honest, we feel there is a lot of work being done on that front.

Next up, we’re talking about a feature by the Play Store that includes the platform releasing alerts about apps that are not working or functioning to their best ability. Anything that undergoes a glitch would be identified as a warning so users can read that and avoid downloads.

The goal is to set a proper threshold to get a general idea about the app’s workings and offerings. This includes whether or not they experience crashing on the platform or undergo freezing that lasts more than just a few seconds.

It’s great when you’re made aware of all things beforehand so you can make a wise decision about whether or not you wish to go ahead with the decision for a download or not.

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