New Report Expresses Warning That TikTok’s Parent Firm Is Actually A Hybrid State-Private Entity

There are plenty of calls for TikTok to be sold off from its parent firm called ByteDance. And in case you were wondering what the reason was, well, this new report is going to answer your question.

The report produced by the Australian Senate accused the app’s parent firm of being a Chinese entity that is actually hybrid because it can’t be deemed as a private and independent working organization.

American president Joe Biden and his current administration have ordered the app to be separated from ByteDance as this is the only way out to prevent a total ban on the country.

As we speak, so many other nations have already started to put out bans, either full or partial in the country. Moreover, other nations have started to implement complete or partial bans of the leading social media app as well.

The report which entails a few leading researchers were sent out to the Senate in Australia and it revealed how ByteDance likes to intertwine or associate itself with the Beijing government. Moreover, such claims don’t really mean a big deal but this report is being acknowledged due to the huge claims being made.

It’s quite comprehensive and the fact that ByteDance is linked to China’s Community Party and that TikTok may be included along the way is very alarming.

Taking a look back at the recent past, we saw several places around the globe signal red flags because of suspicious activity involving the app. It was outlined during Trump’s time that the platform needs to separate itself due to fears of user data getting passed on to officials in the Chinese government.

At the start of March, legislators from some big American parties put forward a bill that would ban the platform in America, and then in December of last year, Congress set forth a bill to ban the app on devices owned by the federal government.

A while back in the same month, Belgian authorities banned the app from being used on different work phones. As far as the UK is concerned, it wished to have the app banned from all devices owned by government officials amid growing security concerns and a similar statement went out regarding Canada doing the same.

In the same month, officials working in Belgium spoke about how employees were no longer allowed to make use of the app on various work phones. Furthermore, New Zealand also opted to ban the app from attaining access to the country’s parliamentary network.

Above all, India banned the app and so many of its developers from functioning in the country, which many felt was a major blow to the firm.

Clearly, there must be something that officials are on about and why regulatory bodies across various regions in the world are really doing everything in their power to restrict the app from getting sensitive data.

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