ChatGPT Under Fire As New Reports Claim The Tool May Be Exposing Users’ Email IDs While New Bug Displays Their Chat History

ChatGPT may be soaring in popularity but it’s also soaring in terms of controversies.

The famous AI-powered tool’s website may have exposed users’ email IDs by mistake, which happened to belong to random people using the software.

This matter took place during the morning hours of Monday when some people saw the tool put users’ chat histories on display that actually did not even belong to them. Instead, they belonged to so many other people and it was a clear violation of their privacy.

It was all thanks to one user who tried to attain the paid version of the tool’s subscription but made this terrifying discovery. He just could not reach the desired page and when he did checkout, he saw email IDs that belonged to others being listed down.

On that note, he opted to submit screenshots as proof of what was going on and how this was serious business that needed attention before it got way out of hand.

Photo: Competitive-Hair-311 / Reddit

James Laidler says he kept on getting an error and when he refreshed, it was someone else’s email ID details mentioned and not only one but up to four different ones. A lot of people’s contact details were out in the open and it was not okay.

Taking the matter forward to his Twitter account to speak on the matter that he dubbed as red and serious, so many other users came forward and started to report the platform too. They made similar complaints about how email IDs were popping out of nowhere and they belonged to strangers that they’d never seen or heard of.

People who saw this take place started to reveal that it’s just not okay as it puts your sensitive details at risk including those linked to credit cards and bank accounts.

As of right now, a leading developer of the tool is said to be investigating the matter and fixing the issue that has raised a lot of alarm for obvious reasons.

Hence by now, we’re not sure if this is a glitch or anything else. And it was also reported how that day, the tool went through a temporary outage.

Since that day, we are hearing about how the tool has ended up suspending the sidebars related to chat histories. It has also put a temporary pause on letting users attain the paid premium subscription for ChatGPT Plus.

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