New Lawsuit Against Meta Accuses CEO Mark Zuckerberg And Executives Of Not Doing Enough To Prevent Child Abuse Across Its Apps

It’s raining lawsuits for tech giant Meta as the company has been accused of failing to do enough to stop child abuse, exploitation, and trafficking across its Facebook and Instagram apps.

This complaint was put forward during the later hours of Monday by several pension and investment funds that come under the ownership of Meta Stock. It claimed that Meta’s board and the leadership involved are not doing enough to protect the interests of stakeholders by ignoring the growing concerns related to this matter.

The public complaints further stated how Meta’s board is not providing an adequate or precise description of what it’s doing and what layout plan it makes use of to prevent such issues from arising. In fact, they might be turning a blind eye to this endeavor.

The only logical justification for this behavior has to do with the fact that Meta is allowing these crimes to take place and making use of its platform for promotional activities related to these crimes. As expected, Meta is rejecting the lawsuit that came about in the Delaware Chancery Court.

The company mentioned that we stop human and child exploitation in uncertain ways. It also revealed how there are claims being made in this case about efforts being mischaracterized to combat this sort of activity from taking place. Meta similarly adds that its goal is to stop people from seeking the opportunity to carry out exploitation by using such platforms.

Speaking to congress in the year 2019, Meta’s co-founder revealed how child exploitation is a serious threat that many of us tend to focus upon. Moreover, the company that is based in California is facing so many accusations in this regard and it appears the more they’re justifying the act, the greater the criticism they’re getting.

It was in the year 2021 of June when we saw the Supreme Court of Texas mention how three different people entangled in this ordeal with abusers via this app to sue the tech giant as it should be held accountable for all the actions taking place on this platform.

As it is, Meta is facing so many more lawsuits from the families of teens and young kids that appear to be suffering from serious mental health issues by being addicted to both of these platforms. Moreover, other districts have ended up filing cases regarding the issue.

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