Microsoft Integrates New Secondary Image Creator Tool Into Its AI-Powered Bing Search

The success of Microsoft’s Bing Search cannot be denied and now, we’re hearing more news about the computational giant adding a secondary tool for a better experience.

The company is on the rise to include a new Image Creator that is powered by the famous AI-based DALL-E model. Moreover, it claims the new setup is not only scary but also shockingly impressive as it’s mostly AI themed.

Moreover, the new search engine is powered by the likes of another OpenAI language model and this is considered to be better in performance than the usual ChatGPT. Similarly, it’s getting customized specifically for the sake of search as the main purpose here is that only.

But this new model is definitely more comprehensive and it offers a lot of responses to some great processing endeavors that might appear to be overwhelming at the start but the rate at which processing would take place is worth a mention. Similarly, the new model is going to give rise to brilliant artwork designs that might get mistaken for pieces you’d find at the museum. It’s all produced by AI-based proverbial fingers.

The new Bing chat function would house the chance for users to request pictures via text prompts. And the software giant notes that such functions would only work in the user’s Creative Mode.

This is selected before the user’s chat even begins. Alongside that, there will be superb pictures created through the likes of the search engine in endless capacities.

By typing new descriptions of the image, it would provide more context including location, and activity, and also end up choosing a new type of art style along the way. Then you have the Image Creator that would provide more pictures through users’ imagination.

Let’s not forget how Microsoft mentioned that this Image Creator option is going to be up for grabs as a stand-alone website and would be open for users before they combine both of the features together.

In addition to that, we know that Microsoft is trying hard to launch the Image Creator to its Sidebar feature for Microsoft Edge so it can get easier access.

The company also notes that the combination of the Bing Image Creator and its new search engine would launch to users on the platform beginning today on Microsoft Edge. But for now, we’re yet to witness new picture creation on the Bing Chat.

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