More Trouble For Meta As The Company And Its Content Moderation Partners Sued For Unlawful Termination

The legal battles for Meta continue to arise as we speak with the company being hit with another lawsuit in Kenya.

Meta and its respective content moderation partners, Sama and Majorel, based in the country are being sued, thanks to a new petition that was filed today. Here, 43 different content moderation firms accused the tech giant of unlawful termination.

The contract with Sama ends this March but it appears Meta would need to solve these legal woes before it can leave. Furthermore, we’re hearing more news on how Meta’s newest content moderation partner called Majorel ended up blacklisting all of the previous employees belonging to Sama.

The petition is very recent and was put forward in the employment and labor relations court. Here is where moderators stated that Sama fired them in the most unlawful way and no form of prior notice regarding their termination was put forward.

The lawsuit also added how so many problems continued to arise and how moderators on the app were not even given a one-month notice, which is deemed necessary by Kenya’s law. The terminal dues were actually hinged on the signing of documents that were of non-disclosure variant.

Other claims spoke about Meta forcing its Majorel partner to ban moderators who had work experience at Sama. So many moderators were applying for new positions at Majorel and they were denied on the basis that they worked at the same facility.
New court documents also proved how around 260 affected employees were those that were outsourced from various other African nations. And now, they’ll be required to leave the country if they can’t get a job before the end of this month because this is when the contract with the Sama organization ends.

As expected, all the allegations are being refuted by Sama. They stated how every law was followed religiously and they did things beyond the requirements outlined. Moreover, they are now claiming that they carried out surveys to clear any misunderstandings and outline the process of compensation.

Sama has a long list of high-profile clients including OpenAI. They opted to drop Meta’s contract to focus resources and attention on the likes of labeling work. This is the term reserved for annotation that is based on computer vision data.

The news is alarming and as mentioned by one nonprofit tech justice company, switching suppliers and demanding recruiters to not hire your employees as their troublemakers are never recommended.


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