Google Makes New Commitment To Providing Greater Child Safety Online

Google is really working hard to combat growing issues related to child crime.

The search engine giant mentioned recently how it knows that more and more kids are getting access to the web. And that means they’re bound to be bombarded with huge dangers surfacing online.

Therefore, that increases the burden on the company’s shoulders as it carries a huge responsibility of keeping both older and younger audiences safe. Moreover, in places such as the United Kingdom, there are so many discussions surrounding online safety as rules like the new Online Safety Bill end up highlighting greater childcare protection so people remain safe from harm and dangers of the online world.

The idea linked to more child safety online means Google is going to say hello to a new campaign where it has partnered up with a top NGO for childcare in Europe. The commitment does not come cheap but the tech giant feels it’s necessary to take part in it so people steer clear of the dangers of the web.

The 5 million euro ordeal has made more and more kids aware of risks in the online world but it’s also involving youth workers, guardians, and teachers become more aware too. Moreover, this endeavor is a part of Google’s new philanthropic funding initiative and would be split up among a few selected NGOs via the Be Internet Awesome curriculum that is designed to spread online safety measures across different parts of the European region.

The tech giant is currently hosting summits called the Growing up in the Digital Age where one panel is hosting the event at Google’s Dublin Center for Safety and Engineering.

Google went public with the news today through a blog post that outlined how it was going to take part in interactive panels as well as question-and-answer sessions with keynotes. This is where they hope to highlight some important features like age-appropriate offerings and how they plan on designing them.

Other features would entail different tools to assist families in managing kids’ relationships, programs, and policies so they remain safe when making use of the program online.

Google knows that such attendees would entail NGOs and various regulators with content creators too. They’ll be engaged in showcasing what safety means for the youth and how to overcome the challenges.

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