Milestone For Microsoft As Its Bing Search Passes The 100 Million Daily Active User Mark

Things are looking fantastic for Microsoft after the software giant was seen speaking about crossing the 100 million daily active user mark.

For those who might not be aware, this is a huge achievement as it’s the world’s second most popular search engine. And this particular milestone was made possible due to the introduction of the chat capabilities belonging to Bing.

It’s clearly making waves on the web and in case you might not be aware, the new Bing version is dedicated to leveraging some huge language models that are created by the likes of OpenAI. The latter is the creator of ChatGPT and it’s now optimized for the world of search.

When combined with some great real-time capabilities linked to Bing, it might end up giving great results. But for now, we’re still seeing it function as a part of the preview stage. Moreover, we’re seeing it give out some massively impressive results too.

And with time, Microsoft continues to send out improvements that are seen frequently as a means of preventing aggressiveness.

Similarly, the company notes how there are millions making use of this Bing preview that continues to expand to more people out there. And out of such individuals, one-third are really new to this Bing search.
This just shows how huge of a role it plays in impacting the new version of Bing Search by Microsoft in terms of its popularity. Microsoft also mentioned how engagement continues to grow as we speak. And so many different users are carrying out different types of searches.

Today, Bing’s mobile version entails the likes of voice search which significantly contributes to the growth of Bing. And with time, around 15% of the users of the chatbot are requesting it to produce more content.

Moreover, one very interesting bit of data that we saw recently had to do with Microsoft claiming that its web search rankings have really taken huge leaps in terms of relevancy. And it’s all thanks to a new language model being used. Today, the quality of search results is higher and better than ever.
The news is fabulous for Bing. Although it might be holding the second position in terms of popularity and definitely does not have the same number of users as the search engine giant, things are definitely moving in its direction.

There is promising growth here and it is just what Microsoft was in search of and needed to attract more advertisers to its platform. After all, making Bing a profitable endeavor is definitely one of the company’s targets today.

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