Major Concerns For Meta As WhatsApp Could Be Temporarily Banned In Britain

There are problems being spoken about regarding WhatsApp after the platform’s chief confirmed that it won’t be able to adhere to Britain’s Online Safety Bill.

This is definitely going to cause some issues regarding the app’s future and its relative functioning in the United Kingdom. Moreover, we’re also hearing more devastating talk about how the new proposed bill would need social media and other platforms to put forward new moderation protocols in terms of user content.

The idea is to offer the greatest protection and make sure harmful behavior gets addressed. And in certain times, it’s encryption that is the issue. After seeing that in place, it gets impossible for the app to stick to this and more content from users wouldn’t be up for grabs to the moderation teams.

The only solution being talked about here is linked to getting rid of default types of encryption. And that is not an option right now. So the reality of the matter is that all users of this platform present around the globe are searching for security. And the majority of the app’s users are locked outside the UK.

They don’t want the product’s security to get lowered and it’s just a straightforward matter of how the company is at a standstill with authorities in the UK. At one end of the spectrum, they don’t wish for security to be impacted while at the other end, WhatsApp wants to cater to its growing user base outside Britain.

And while only WhatsApp is being talked about right now, Meta is still trying to launch complete encryption through default for its other apps including Messenger and Instagram Direct.

For now, the current proposal is sitting here and Meta may face fines that entail 4% of the yearly turnover. And that forces it to reconsider some great exposure in that same region.

The government in the United Kingdom has been in opposition to Meta for a while now in terms of its encryption push. Just last year in September, the country’s Home Affairs Secretary called the tech giant to make some major reconsiderations for its encryption. They certainly felt it would affect how the cops were investigating matters like child abuse.

But he was not the only one as other agencies in the UK are calling for something similar to this as the idea is to implement more laws that stop hiding criminal activity behind the likes of encryption.

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