Microsoft Edge Plans On Introducing New Features Including A Crypto And NFT Wallet

A new set of screenshots are being published on Twitter and they’re showcasing some interesting features that Microsoft Edge wishes to introduce soon.

Among those are a built-in crypto and NFT wallet. And yes, we’re just as baffled as you might be after hearing the news. Moreover, the announcement was shocking for several reasons.

You don’t usually associate a search engine like Microsoft Edge to feature something like NFTs and crypto but we feel that trends are changing with time.

Microsoft wishes to supercharge some browsers and this new capability will definitely raise some eyebrows. As mentioned in the description of this feature, the whole purpose behind the launch is to provide Edge customers with the chance to attain non-custodial wallets. And that entails crypto holders won’t be required to rely on third parties to store some private keys and passcodes.

Computational giant Microsoft mentioned that this project is a part of the foray into the world of crypto and NFT and it hopes that it would turn out to be fruitful and effortless while providing safe user experiences. It also wants to place less reliance on third-party extensions so interactions on this Web3 would be simpler.

Obviously, the firm isn’t providing the testers with the likes of the crypt of any NFT while being a part of the trial and it similarly isn’t planning on making any reimbursements when there’s a case of loss of funds.

Hence, those people that gain access to the new crypto and NFT wallet need to take part and proceed at the risk of their own, the firm adds.

But another very interesting point has to do with how people are getting more access to the Microsoft Edge crypto wallet and they would proceed at their own respective risks.

It’s quite interesting that this wallet mentions in clear terms how confidential the entire endeavor is and that means no sharing of any personal details would be done on an external basis.

The new wallet on Microsoft Edge is going to show a current balance with a list of assets and some transaction histories too. Similarly, it would feature connected apps, a watchlist, and some dedicated tabs needed for exploring the world linked to crypto, NFT, and Web3.

You’ll find some integrations related to Coinbase and MoonPay which enable users to purchase coins and send out payments for others along the way.

H/T: Albacore

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