Meta Puts Its Reels Play Bonus Program On Pause In The US While Directing Focus To Its Revenue Share System

Facebook’s parent firm is rethinking its entire strategy related to monetization from short-form content.

The company was witnessed mentioning how it would be putting the entire Reels Play bonus initiative across the US on hold. This was being done to focus more on the revenue share system as an alternative means.

The news comes after Business Insider mentioned how Meta would be pausing the entire US Reels Play Bonus program that pays creators on a monthly basis depending on the views generated across Reels.

As one can expect, the news would not be loved by creators as it’s bound to affect them on both Instagram as well as Facebook. Moreover, any form of Reels bonuses that creators sign up for would be honored for just 30 days.

The move arises as a huge surprise given how many issues such apps have had in the past in terms of implementing short-form strategies for monetization.

Remember, content that is shorter in design tends to be more difficult to monetize as it does not have any in-stream advertisements. And that means you can’t attribute it to creators or to their content.

Hence, this is why leading social media giants put so much emphasis on creator funding programs. See, the problem with the system here is how that particular fund figure highlighted stays the same, no matter how many creators are signed on to it. As a whole, it dilutes the entire share for revenue further and that means people get even less money than before.

In the end, creators suffer despite witnessing such great performances which is the complete opposite of how monetization functions. Moreover, such variability in payments makes it hard to know what these people would end up making in terms of their monthly efforts.

This is one of the many reasons why YouTube is now putting reliance on its Shorts share model. And so far, the results it has generated are mixed. In the same way, TikTok is also searching for newer revenue share plans, along with the usual subscription offerings including its Series. The latter allows creators to paywall content that is longer in design.

Meta mentioned how hard it is now working on generating ad revenue through its Reels. During the start of the week, Facebook’s chief displayed an overall overview of the efforts in this certain region.

And while there are plenty of other supplementary monetization offers at stake, Meta realizes that there is a lot of competition from YouTube too if it wishes to put talent at the top of the list for app posting.

The biggest advantage of YouTube is how successful its entire Partner Program has become and it is literally paying creators billions each year. It all has to do with the right ad placements along with longer videos. And for now, its monetization program for Shorts is not up to the mark but it is definitely progressing, considering how new of a venture it is.

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