Meta Verified May Soon Be Users’ Answer To Getting Support For Facebook Issues

There can be nothing more annoying than facing an account issue on your Meta app and getting zero assistance and support for the matter.

But it appears that tech giant Meta may have finally heard its users’ prayers and that’s why it’s working on the launch of a feature called Meta Verified.

Yes, this would be your one-stop destination for solving account matters related to both Facebook and Instagram, as confirmed by the company’s reps recently. The endeavor is designed to rid away users’ frustration which continues to mount as we speak.

A lot of social media managers know which type of pain persists in terms of trying to attain help from various reps of the company that are hard to contact. Moreover, it might give rise to another type of avenue that can be better-understood thanks to people like Mark Bowness.

His recent post related to the matter mentioned how years of fruitless debates and battles have ensued but so many individuals failed to have their voices heard. Moreover, they just wouldn’t be able to get their voices across and never really knew what the issue with their account really was.

But after he signed up for the exciting new project by Meta called Meta Verified, things might run in users’ favor after all.

This endeavor is undergoing testing in places like Australia as well as New Zealand. For now, what we can confirm is how it brings forward so many additional perks at a cost of a $12 monthly fee and a new verified badge. Moreover, it’s so proactive in terms of account protection and has better visibility and reaches too.

Another crucial element was announced with it including direct access to things like account support. Moreover, this happens to be dedicated to providing users with the support that they’ve been longing for so long. It’s like attaining a ticket to have plenty of issues fixed in the long term.

For now, it’s just in its early days but getting support has never been easier than this. As it’s so new, just a few people have signed up for it. Even if you did it for a month, at least you might have your issue resolved.

A lot of people are trying hard to get a blue tick as a way to attain a certain level of authority on their accounts. And that’s definitely going to be effective for a lot of people but the really high point is related to account support and that’s what this Meta Verified is all about, not to mention the best justification for this cost.

Also, just remember that you do not wish to stay signed up on the app if you don’t want to. In case you have some sort of issue, you can sign up for it, get your problem solved, and then allow the subscription to lapse. It just does not make sense that you’re being forced to pay a staggering $12 to fix the matter.

Whatever the case may be, we are sure that people are going to love the news as it paves the way to less frustration at a small price tag.

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