More Countries Are Opting To Restrict TikTok Usage After Concerning Links To Chinese Officials

So far, we’ve been hearing a lot about how the US is planning on implementing a complete ban across the TikTok platform.

Both the Senate and Congress are rushing to pass a bill that gives President Biden exclusive executive powers to ban the app, citing issues related to threats to national security.

Lawmakers feel data belonging to US citizens is being abused and shared with Chinese authorities in the government. And that is why more countries and regions are coming forward to implement their own restrictions regarding TikTok usage.

The first that we’re hearing about is Denmark where one of the country’s public service broadcasters advised staff members to get rid of the app from their devices after a security review by the nation’s Center for Cyber Security showed alarming threats and risks.

This means more journalists will require access to the platform for the sake of research. There will be special TikTok devices up for grabs that would be solely used for this purpose.

Meanwhile, other public broadcasters are yet to implement any such measures and are allowing younger audiences to carry on with the usual TikTok ordeal. But as more and more officials from the nation’s security team raise the alarm, it appears impossible that we’re not going to see more changes take place in this regard.

At the moment, 32 different states in America have completely or partially banned the app from different government devices. Moreover, IT officials in the EU have called workers in the government to get rid of the app from their phones and a lot more nations in the EU including Denmark are starting to add more restrictions.

All officials from Canada are working hard to ban the platform from state-issued devices while the Australian government has put a ban on the app from all affiliated phones that have links to the country’s government.

Similarly, Taiwan has banned the app from devices owned by the government while the Taliban has outlawed the platform in Afghanistan completely. Lastly, places like India have also banned the app in 2020 as it cited the reason to be its ongoing border issues with China.

For now, most of these bans are not going all the way toward the general public but despite that, such actions are definitely raising concerns on the matter as China refuses to back down and boldly stands in defiance of other nations around the globe regarding different fronts.

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